Aborym - Kali Yuga Bizarre - Splatter Lp

Aborym - Kali Yuga Bizarre - Splatter Lp

12" Splatter Lp
Black Innersleeve
Ultralimited Edition 100 copies
Release Date : January 28th 2022

Kali Yuga Bizarre was originally released in 1999 by Scarlet Records.
Recorded at Temple of Noise Studios - Rome, October 1998.
Mixed by Christian Ice and Fabban.
Produced by Fabban and Christian Ice.
Mastering: Elettroformati Studios, Milan.
Music and lyrics by Fabban (1992-1998).
Roma Divina Urbs by Totaro/Giannese. Darka Mysteria lyrics by Csihar.

For the first time on vinyl !

Line up in this recording:
Fabban (bass, synths, programming)
Yorga SM (vocals)
Sethlans (guitars) | Nisrok (guitars)
Attila Csihar (vocals on Darka Mysteria, The First Four Trumpets, Hellraiser)