AKVAN - Forgotten Glory - Double Vinyl - Black

AKVAN - Forgotten Glory - Double Vinyl - Black

12" Double Vinyl - Black Edition
Black Innersleeve
Pressed on 200 copies
Release Date : May 20th 2022

ین اثر به مردم شریف ایران اختصاص یافته است. باشد که یک روز به شکوه فراموش شده برگردیم

This work is dedicated to the noble people of Iran. May we one day return to forgotten glory.
releases May 20, 2022

Released September 25, 2017

Music and lyrics written and performed by Akvan

Akvan is:
Vizaresa - Vocals, Setar, Tar, Guitars, and Drums

All tracks appearing on this album were written, performed, and recorded by Vizaresa throughout various locations in Tehran, Iran and Isfahan, Iran.