Pain Injection - Paraphilia - Cd Digipak

Pain Injection - Paraphilia - Cd Digipak

Cd Digipak
4 Panels
Limited to 500 copies
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The album explores through dark sonorities the various aspects of specific paraphilic, repetitive, intense, sexually arousing fantasies or behaviors that usually involve inanimate objects, fetishes, extreme sexual practices, suffering or humiliation of oneself or of the partner . Each track is inspired by a specific Mania, whose lyrics describe and accompany this journey, which starts from Asphyxiophilia as an auto-erotic or sadistic pleasure, up to the Pleasure for the unconventional use of needles in the paraphiliac and sexual sphere. A deviated and black album, the result of distorted sensory experiences, where blood is also a key to inflicted or self-inflicted pleasure.the female voices duet and shout the pleasure and the pain, on deep bases that combine dark ambient noise sounds, with post black metal and Depressive Suicidal black metal

The Pain Injection project was born in 2021 from the collaboration of several musicians of the Panorama Depressive Suicidal Black metal e Dark Ambiet. The first formation sees the participation of Z.C. (Adriano Vincenti) by Zoloft Evra, Macelleriea Mobile di Mezzanotte, etc. together with Cold (Nocturnal Degrade), Nameless (Catalepsia, Trauma), L. Nergot (Sacrimoon, Lifeless, Depressick).
After a first limited EP in 2021, in the same year Deadlife the first album is released, produced by the Russian label Frozen Light in an elegant digipack and sees the participation of Tenebra (Dreariness).
In 2022 the band has a new line Up composed by Tenebra on vocals and lyrics together with Amanda Nostalgie (Helus) and the musical part by Z.C. and Cold for guitars.
The new Album Paraphilia is out for Subsound Record in 2023