Swami Lateplate - Doom Jazz II - Cd Digipak

Swami Lateplate - Doom Jazz II - Cd Digipak

Cd Digipak
4 Panels
Limited to 500 copies
We will Ship on September 11th

DOOM JAZZ II: Deception continues the epic story of the DOOM JAZZ saga, with Jamie Saft and Bobby Previte trading the slow, sensual lines of DOOM JAZZ I for a more active, muscular sound. Side One, "The New Friend" and "Everyone is Aware" uses a vintage Yamaha organ to create an atmosphere of mystery and space. Side Two, "Deception" moves into different territory, Saft's distorted Hammond Organ sailing over Previte's active, commanding tom toms in a blues based jam of wild ferocity and intense foreboding. The plot thicken