Paolo Vivaldi - Non Essere Cattivo - Ultralimited White Cassette

Paolo Vivaldi - Non Essere Cattivo - Ultralimited White Cassette

White Cassette
J-Card + one panel
Trasparent Case
50 copies available
Release Date : April 30th 2022

"Non essere cattivo" is Claudio Caligari's last movie. The story revolves around two intimate friends and their daily misfortunes in the roman hinterland.
The score of this last filmic endeavor by Caligari, a director from the margins of the business with the highest visual and social depth, was penned by the Italian composer Paolo Vivaldi (De Gasperi, La baronessa di Carini, Ghost Son, Leone nel basilico) in collaboration with Alessandro Sartini.
The score of the movie represents two distinct souls and colours.
The first one shows a deep sense of longing and pain through the use of piano, sax and strings.
The second one shows a sense of anger and wrath instead, a raving soul that exudes from the use of electric guitars and synths.
The two main characters, Cesare and Vittorio, are two faces of the same coin, with their love and angst, just like the soundtrack that follows them throughout the movie.

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